Thursday, September 10, 2015


After breakfast, the Norfolk guys and I drove around Tahiti Iti (small Tahiti), which is the southeastern portion of the island that extends off of Tahiti Nui (big Tahiti).  We then returned to our hotel for lunch.

Papenoo Valley
After lunch, we went on a four-wheel-drive tour to Papenoo Valley in Tahiti's mountainous interior.  Our tour guide was excited about having Bounty mutineer descendants on his tour.  He mentioned that the mutineers who had stayed behind in Tahiti ran into Papenoo Valley when the British arrived in Tahiti to bring the mutineers to justice.  Unfortunately for the mutineers, the British were able to find them.

After dinner, I took the Norfolk guys to the airport for their flight home.  We said farewell, and I returned to my hotel, ready for another adventure.

Photos from my trip:
Pitcairn Island
French Polynesia

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