Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day 10

I got up at 7 AM, and Simon cooked bacon and eggs for our breakfast.

Weather station
For my last full day on Pitcairn, I decided to walk around the entire island.  I walked to Tedside on the west, then to Highest Point, then to the weather station on the south, then to Aute Valley, then to Saint Paul's Point on the east, then to Ship Landing Point, and finally through town to get back home.  The walk took about four hours.

During my walk, I bumped into the couple from Wales.  They were staying with Vaine and Charlene, and they ate dinner with a lot of Charlene's family, so they got to mingle with a lot of the islanders.  They told me that during one of the dinners, the islanders were saying that they needed to keep the young guy who was visiting for labor.  Apparently my cargo unloading on the day I arrived had made a lasting impression on the islanders.  The couple from Wales told me that I needed to watch out for shackles on my ankles while I slept.

I spent the rest of the day playing more Scrabble with Simon.

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  1. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading of your time on Pitcairn. Maybe someday when I have more money (and more guts) I'll visit myself :)