Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 7

I got up at 7 AM, and Simon cooked bacon and eggs for our breakfast.

The store had finally been restocked from the Claymore's cargo, and it was going to open at 8:30 AM for an hour.  Simon and Shirley needed to restock their food supply, so Simon and I walked to the store around 8:30 AM.  When we arrived, we found numerous quad bikes parked outside the store.  When we entered the store, it seemed like the entire island was there.  Simon bought what he needed, and we walked home.

When we got home, Simon realized that he forgot to buy canned tuna, so he sent me back to the store to get tuna.  When I picked out the tuna at the store, the people at the store made some snide remarks about Simon, about how he couldn't catch his own fish and had to buy canned fish.  This incident made me appreciate the anonymity of a big city.

On my way home, I bumped into Betty Christian, who is Jacqui's mother.  Betty was born on Pitcairn and lived there many years with her husband Tom Christian.  But Tom passed away not long ago, and Betty was planning to leave Pitcairn for good to be closer to her grandchildren in New Zealand.  She told me that Pitcairn no longer felt like home.

Betty Christian's house
After bringing the tuna home, Simon and I walked to Betty's house for a cup of tea.  I learned that Betty's house sits where the house of Fletcher Christian and his Tahitian wife Maimiti used to be.  Betty talked about her early life, about how she did a lot of traveling when she was younger.  She mentioned traveling in the US as a Pitcairn ambassador, telling people all about Pitcairn.

Yesterday, Anneka had mentioned wanting to go to Christian's Cave.  Although I had already been there, I told her that I would be happy to go again.

After lunch, Anneka stopped by my house for the hike.  With her were Possum and Snowy, the two guys from Norfolk Island.  The four of us hiked up to the cave and enjoyed the view.

I played several more games of Scrabble with Simon before bed.

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